November 30, 2011

The Line it is Drawn Week #68: Superfy it!

First off, I planned to do a process post with this but kinda forgot, so please accept my meager attempts to fix that.

Tyrannosaurus inks

              Lincoln (some pencils), note the different leg postion. Not the best pose.

         Inks. I am ok with the layout chosen, I really wanted a "Face off" image but wanted to
         have some costume in there. I also tried to put the iconic Stovepipe hat on the torso.
         Lincoln was a wrestler, so I had his boots go up to his thigh to protect his knees for
         shooting in. I also kept him gloveless because let's face it, he was a badass.

End result, I tried an aged cover feel and this is the first time I have colored something that
I am not deeming atrocious. Overall I am 100% happy with concept, 80% with result.
Thanks for looking! Process will be better next time!