May 11, 2012

Challengers ASSEMBLE! Week #19: The NEW Batman

This week's assignment is redesigning the Batman!

I only made a few changes and tweaks, like covering up the mouth and losing the cape. I didn't get a chance to draw an action shot that would have had retractable wings from the back. The claws double as his Batclaws for swinging through Gotham. I added the larger torso piece to keep the silhouette of the figure and to double as the BatSymbol.

May 5, 2012

I'm Back! Kinda!

Sorry for the lack of actual posts lately, been super busier than I thought. More details on that later. In the mean time, here's the last few weeks of Challengers ASSEMBLE! pieces!

Week 13: TMNT

                                                                Week 14: Beach Hero

                                                                 Week 15: Free For All!

                                                              Week 16: Comic Cosplay

                                                              Week 17: Fight!

                                                             Week 18: Avengers as Robots